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304 Hammer Exhaust Fan
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Fan blade is used by 430 Krupp Stainless steel with 1.2mm thickness which punching formed.Blade shape is designed after doulbe tested. Big airflow, No deformation , No broken.

Fan belt pulley and flange are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy by pressure casting.Good outlook with lightweight.Especially to reinforcing rib to increased strength. No broken . Long service life.

Fan blade hub is made by primary pressing. High strengh, No deformation and broken. Smoothly edge.Highly -accurated position. Easy to install.

We have Chinese belt and Japanese Mitsuboshi brand belt for customer choice. Long service life and no repair.

High quality double-row bearing ,high intension, low noise, long service life.

Blade support with hot-dip galvanzied 3mm thickness.Top and bottom support base made by aluminum-magnesium alloy. Its avoild the rusty problem.Easy to fix and ensure long service life.

Shutter plastic part is made by high strengh nylon, no easy to deformation, good outlook, smoothly edge.Shutters can be more easily to open and close .

KEHE has advanced production technology with automatic equipment.  profeeional production line, NC-based professional equipment.Auto punching and bending. Highly-accurated. Materials is made by 275g coating weight galvanized sheet.

Fan protection mesh guard is made by hot-dip galvanized wire with electrostafic plastic spraying.Its no easy to get rusty.Attractive and durable.

We have Chinese motor and Siemens motor for customer choice. Volt and frequency can OEM upon to your request. Chinese motor with phase failure protective device to ensure motor working well.Motor protection class: IP55,Insulation class: F grade.

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